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For those who did not have the opportunity to watch @AspiringLuddite fight the Crown Tournament finals, he took the shot, dropped to his knees, gasped out,

‘Your highness …’

… then face-planted in the cool, moist Huntingdonshire turf.

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I'm currently writing a book about medieval death--a fun, educational and entertaining look at some of my favorite deaths from the rolls used here. It's called 'Murdered by Clerks' and you can back it here!

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I'm reading Nature’s Mutiny: How the Little Ice Age Transformed the West and Shaped the Present by Philipp Blom via the Spectator app

Apologies for a few months' absence. It's taken me a little while to figure out that I need a Mastodon-supporting app for my devices.

Why was I coming to this realisation? Because if I'm going to try to run a virtual Russian side to the 2020 US election, it needs a secure comms app. I'm not sure Mastodon is secure enough, but, you know, thinking in different directions.

Also, using paid Slack is paid.


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