I like Jack Higgins. The Eagle Has Landed is a good book, and was adapted into my favorite WWII movie of all time.

So I was doubly disappointed with the 2016 Sean Dillon book The Midnight Bell. It read more like a parody of Higgins than actual Higgins.

On the other hand, I recently cranked through 'The Little Paris Bookshop' and 'The Angel's Game' and both were pretty good, and have themes about the power of books to do good (or evil). Which is right in my sweet spot.


@AspiringLuddite The thing about Jack Higgins is his ability to write sympathetic Nazis. _To Catch a King_ was the crowning example. Creating a sympathetic version of Otto Skorzeny is one thing, but creating a sympathetic version of Walter Schellenberg is amazing.

@Nusbacher Not just Nazis - at his best, he was writing characters who were trapped between rocks and hard places. _The Eagle Has Landed_ is a good example. Part of the problem with the later Dillon books is that the shades-of-grey nuance started to be lost.

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