#dwarffortress zombies 

Carnage! A necromancer immigrated to the fort early on, which is not a problem. Everyone liked her, so she got to be mayor. Still no problem. She was mostly insane, which was more of a problem. Stumbling and babbling, typical DF insanity.

Then a giant bat lost its training and reverted to wild. Here's where I'm fuzzy on the chronology. I think the necro raised the bat who started attacking and killing other livestock which also got raised ...

#dwarffortress zombies 

Carnage ensues. The final body count was:
two civilians
the necro
and from the livestock
a duck
a peregrine falcon
two giant bats
six giant cave spiders

Damn, I love this game.

#dwarffortress zombies 

The slaughter of reverted livestock is much easier when they don't zombify and have to be killed twice.


#dwarffortress zombies 

Damn necromancers sneaking around trying to get to the refuse and corpses to raise a bunch. "A risen sheep wool"? You are kidding me right?

#dwarffortress zombies 


I know? I thought it might be handy to have a necro - I mean some zombie troopers sound like a good idea. But the sanity slipped away early, so ...

no vampire infiltrators this time (yet), so that's good.

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