I’m using the free time without evening practices during the week or events on the weekends to make banners. I finished my personal one a couple of weeks ago.

Is there a good website listing ways to appreciate words in medieval texts? I’m more interested in vernacular than in Latin.

I also practised some illumination under the advice of Mistress Genevieve.
Using paint is still very scary.

I actually might get this dress done for 12th Night in 5 days. Only a couple of buttonholes and buttons to do to make it wearable.

My name is Alays de Lunel in the SCA. I'm German (from Dresden) but live in Dublin, Ireland. In the SCA I dabble in embroidery, calligraphy & illumination and bookbinding. Mundanely, I'm singing in the chamber choir Mornington Singers and am member of Bookcrossing.


Medievalists and Medieval-adjacent. Sort-of.