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With apologies for a link to That Other Place, this (and some of the thread) is a valuable piece of thinking:

Summary: larger sizes of grain in posher houses in Swedish Iron Age settlement. Not surprising in social terms, but it shows a capability to sort grain which might otherwise be unexpected - essentially, we can take this to mean they had some sort of sieving device, because sorting grain by hand would be complete and utter madness.

There are some birds, gannets or cormorants or such, on a rock in the middle of this, but I didn’t have enough zoom to get any closer. Connemara, Coral Beach.

I was sleepy, so I put on Behemoth. Now I have the comforting roar of Polish death metal soothing me to sleep. This wasn't quite as intended.

Dun in Mara is running our armoured combat event again, now with added Middle Eastern Dance. You should come to it.

The new Drachenwald website was put out for comment on Thursday. We now have 14 issues tracked in Gitlab, none of which appear to be major, and some of which may overlap. This is pleasing.

An excellent day’s cooking at Coronation after the retinue business was completed. It turns out I have a great and nigh-on unholy love for fryplates.

A redesign of the Drachenwald Kingdom website is underway, and there's a prototype available to look at now. Check out - and send any feedback to

One of the first things I want to do is set up some kind of index, or database, or tagging system, or... something, which will allow me to look at the books and papers I have, particularly around my core areas of Irish and Medieval food history, and see which are relevant to a given topic. I sort-of have LibraryThing in mind for this, but it won't handle the papers, and doesn't really have the granularity I want.

I'm not making resolutions, but I'd like to get some more research done this year. Travel and work ate a lot of time and brain last year.

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