@welshpixie I'm bookmarking this for future need hahaha. It sounds like something that might be useful for me.

@robotcarsley @kate I agree with nearly all of that, but I'm talking about the party that's straight-up numbers - as we know, if none of the conservatives cross over on a vote we need those two to pass. That's all. Even if everyone else were truly unified, it still doesn't work without them.

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@erinbee Ooh fun nerdiness! Thanks for sharing that!

@kate It's not quite that simple - Manchin and Sinema have proven they're not actually Dems. They've blocked a lot of progress. 😖


@aurynn It's inevitable at this point, and we're absolutely screwed for a generation at least, with this SCOTUS. If I still had a uterus, I'd be even more terrified than I am now...

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@AspiringLuddite Border Skirmish Court can be super long but it's fun because we usually have two sets of Royals and lots of landed Barons/Baronesses up there.


I hope that when I do go back, we can get a performance slot back for Cantore Borealis (our bardic choir - my Laurel started it in 2013, but I lead it sometimes), and also I want a solo slot again. 🙏🙏🙏

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@AspiringLuddite Mid-adjacent. I'm in Southeastern Northshield. My Barony Caer Anterth Mawr (roughly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) puts on a camping event jointly with a Midrealm group in northern Illinois, called Border Skirmish. Plus I used to go to Pennsic every year and I know a lot of bards from everywhere.


I'm not going to Pennsic this year, which kind of guts me. I went for 8 years in a row before The Plague. I'd probably be fine, but most of my friends wouldn't be there (so many are immune-compromised), including most of my bardic choir. And, well, I'm supposed to be doing my dissertation. Sigh. We're gonna plan something locally for a long bardic weekend instead.

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@AspiringLuddite I'm so happy you were able to attend! Probably I know some of the people who were there. :)

@AspiringLuddite And yeah I'm of the same two minds...I was gonna use the same name I use everywhere online but then I saw this instance and just felt like I should be Cobflaith. I still wanna use my other name at the same time argh. Lol.

@AspiringLuddite I actually wanted a version I found in the Annals that was spelled "Cobhfhlaith" (I like to be difficult) but the SCA name heralds took away the first two h's when I registered it. Even so, this name has driven heralds crazy. Once I got called up into court and I only looked up from my knitting because I had no idea what the herald was trying to say, and the King was like, "Yeah, you!" Then he made me say it like 3x for everyone.

@AspiringLuddite Yup, Old Irish! The whole name is Cobflaith ingen Striucca meic Ímair (Cobflaith daughter of Sigtryggr son of Ivar) because I was too amused when I found Gaelicized Norse names in the Irish Annals, so I just had to do it lol.

@AspiringLuddite Thanks! No issue. I'm actually debating if I should do another profile for my non-SCA stuff haha. Not sure how much people are expected to stay on topic. That's why I didn't join the academic one...seemed like I shouldn't be constantly posting cat pictures and Fitbit stats haha. I can't talk about linguistics 24/7. But I wanted to be here as Cobflaith (COVE-la, but ppl call me COVE-lee), 'cause I haven't been going to events and thought I might get inspired to participate more.


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