Heck, my cat Charlie actively prefers solving food puzzles over just eating food out of her dish. Cats are curious and smart, give them little challenged sometimes.

There's a weird attitude in some ARAs that making animals work in any way is exploitation. Tell that to anybody who's had to deal with a bored, destructive Border collie. Sometimes making animals work for something is good. Vets and zookeepers know what they're talking about.

Band: History of Idaho
Album Title: Joy is the best makeup

More and news ... Drachenwald Kingdom University is virtual this year, and takes place the weekend after next. Registration closes in a couple of days. It is open to all, not just SCA members - so if you are interested in the SCA, re-enactment, or hand-on medievalism in general, check out the class list ...


OCD, negativity 

I hate how having OCD saps my strength. I like being outdoors and using my body and working hard. My favourite job I've had was doing manual labour last summer. But when it's making me so anxious and nauseous, I'm tired all the time and I have no appetite. I feel weak and I don't like it.

Financial aid, mutual aid, $ beg post, utilities 

So my electric bill and my water/sewer bill back thing just came due at the same time

I won't have any of my disability money to pay for it until the 1st of December

I hate having to post about $ so often
It's just been a rough time

My PayPal is bonemasque@gmail.com

Boosts welcome and appreciated

Thank you y'all

querciference (n)
the process, state, or quality of bearing oaks

Fuck, I really hope I can do my MA at Prifysgol Bangor, because the rent in Bangor is so much cheaper than where I live now.

Every time I get to read a Breton lai for university, it's like a refreshing rosewater toner for my brain, but usually with more werewolves.

tag yourself, which medieval european attempt at drawing an elephant are you

I think we should liberate the gender-neutral suffix "-poke" from the word "cowpoke" and apply it elsewhere. firepoke. mailpoke. chairpoke. businesspoke.

First I teach my dad about anarchism and now he asked me how Mastodon works, so I think I got through to him.

This is a surprisingly good Wikipedia read involving some of my favorite topics (popular literacy in the middle ages, illumination, calligraphy, popular religion in the middle ages...)


If I had a time machine I'd go back to al-Andalus. I hear Granada in the 900s was great.

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