Well, it appears that the nest has been abandoned. No eggs; no remnants. Way too soon for successful reproduction. Ah well.

I wonder if local wildlife was involved. I'm unlikely to know.

...but that frees me to continue working on the deck project.

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...and momma was laying an egg. We may be on hiatus for about four weeks.

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Well, now we know who was building this nest. Taking away it's overhead cover did not deter its use. I guess the redecking project is going to move slowly for a bit.

Later, in court, Mistress Ranveig was called forth to join the Order of the Pearl. She had the "wait! what!" look nailed. Then Sigrid held up the stick and read it. In Swedish or something like that. Then the English for those who could not figure out what she was saying. Ranveig squeaked!

Ranveig got Laureled very promptly on coming to Atlantia because She Was There. The Pearls wanted her in their company to get her counsel on candidates.

Saturday, at Atlantia's Kingdom Arts & Science Festival, Mistress Sigrid was, as is her wont, carving on a stick. We're talking a Norse perpetual calendar stick stick. Busy carving runes on it, consulting with Mistress Ranveig from time to time on the correct runes to use.

I have mice in my shop. Today, I emptied both mouse traps. Again. I dumped the mice outside.

Later, I saw one of the local cats discover the cat toy. And then left it there.

...but when I finally was done in the shop, there were no toys left, so I presume they ended up in cat(s).

Meanwhile, the traps are reset again.

Followup on last night's salad:

Held up well as leftovers for lunch. It's a pretty solid salad. Still tasty. Maybe even a bit better with time to meld the flavors.

I am contemplating what I would get using escarole as the lettuce.

Turned a pound of basil into about a quart and a half of pesto.

Made a salad of a head of romaine torn up, three small oranges chopped up in the food processor (rinds and all) plus a couple of carrots shredded, and some grated cabbage. Dress with pesto and a bit of lemon juice. Nom.

Getting stuff ready for Janina's Laureling Saturday. I've got a bunch of kielbasa in the mini fridge open to dry some. Also a mess of dates encased in beef bacon and baked. And two and a half quarts of pear sauce spiced with galingale and ginger. Kielbasa for the vigil dayboard; the rest for the Cambion Overboard. That is, we'll be so far offboard that we are overboard.

An amusing article from Language Log crossed my path tonight:

Silent Night, Quaker Style


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