Ortelius project on hold. At least until the Pennsic submissions are beaten into shape by the EK Blue Tyger Team.

Work today, maps tomorrow.

(Oh and house chores too - groan!)

Pennsic Summary:

Heralds Point. Was there every day.
Sharc Pit Camp is AWESOME!!

Made it to Pennsic. Tent is up. Hubby went to archery meeting. I'm chillin at Sharc.

Going dark until the 11th...

Am leaving for Pennsic in about 4 and a half hours.

Am sad to be leaving behind all my maps and notes.

2 days until Pennsic. We leave tomorrow late afternoon and arrive on Friday morning.

There's a part of me that wishes it was Raglan we were headed to.

@AspiringLuddite - heads up, AEthelstan Saint Muir will be visiting England in August. He might want to meet up.

Might actually have time to do some work on my Ortelius article today...

@lillia - Okay, so what I was thinking isn't going to work for the research I'm doing. Local barony wants to register a new order name, but what they want won't work with that rule.

Oh heralds - @lillia and such - where would I find the precedents for use of names as saints names?

Being part of the East's submissions office is EXHAUSTING. I need to find time to work on my own heraldic projects!

Have ordered Birkenstocks to wear at Pennsic. I feel hippie-ish.

Starting on the very tentative outline of an onomastic article for the SCA CoH about the Ortelius locative names. Breathe.... not.... argh....

Oh Lillia! @lillia ...

My poor fingers! Two submissions to the next EK KLoI - within an inch of their bloody letters documented!

Okay, so the weird ß is an [ss], making the name [Gross] when you pronounce it.

Still looking at what the I:I could be.


What does a character that looks something like [ :I ]mean?

Also, what character(s) is this?
[ ß/ẞ ]

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