Latin translation for the fun at EK Bardic Champs - donno how good my translation was but I made the judges giggle.

So, I wrote....something. Am not sure what I need to do next.

It's a draft article. "Heraldic Art: Why Tattoos are Problematic Source Material"

Now what?

And, after quite some time, I think today is back to trying to write. It might be about tattoos and heraldry, and it might also be trying to wrangle data. We will see what my fingers want to do.

NPR: 'Venice Is On Its Knees': Mayor Blames Worst Flood Tide In 50 Years On Climate Change NPR: 'Venice Is On Its Knees': Mayor Blames Worst Flood Tide In 50 Years On Climate Change.

My Peer is trying to get me a paper on Irish charms used in childbirth in the medieval period.

This sounds really INTERESTING. Yes, I am THAT NERD.

So, after FINALLY a night of good sleep.... writing.....

Argh. More coffee.

Sipping yet another cuppa, debating how to parse out data and the wisdom of doing so without much sleep.

New ideas for articles/classes percolating.

More coffee.

I know it's probably been done, but I got a name with an e/y switch documented.


And, now the hard part. Writing stuff. And making it both accessible and meaningful.

Ortelius. I need to do the first look-through of the data from the Austrian map and make notes.

Ugh! is asking for me to buy a subscription. Ugh.

Cue up music to research to. What's your go-to for delving into stuff?

[Today's playlist is heavily T-Rex and Yes].

No Ortelius today. Instead, I was a Ragged Twig and Pantheon.

Meaning I still did heraldry work, but not research.

Ortelius again. And this time with input from Dame Richenda du Jardin about reading manuscript hands and from Mistress Alys about asking for input from people like Aelfwynn and other who have done research on Ortelian maps.

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