Ortelius. Map the first.

Punctum delens in various places. And several vowels with markings that I do not recognize. And possibly some towns that are hyphenated.

I need to find Ælfwynn. Thought I had her email, but sadly....

@AspiringLuddite - on the Ortelius map I am dealing with -


I know thats a puntum delens after the P, and I am guessing this has to do with Saltzberg (but I could be wrong)

Almost certainly Episcopatus Saltsburgensis - so the Bishopric of Salzburg. Probably *should* be Episcopatus Salisburgensis.

Based on it being a map, of course. Hmm. Map 108?


@AspiringLuddite And the area being the Bishopric of Saltzburg, yes, That works. Thank you.

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