Ortelius. Map the first.

Punctum delens in various places. And several vowels with markings that I do not recognize. And possibly some towns that are hyphenated.

I need to find Ælfwynn. Thought I had her email, but sadly....

@liliedubh Also, Woflgang Lazius (1514-65) was a "Hungarian historian and cartographer, whose work was published in Vienna. His early maps of Central Europe were used by Mercator and Ortelius, among others, in the preparation of their atlases." - Morland C, Bannister D, Antique Maps, London: Phaidon Press Ltd;1998.

(Yes, I have a book all about cartography. It comes in handy sometimes.)

@lillia So this map was done by someone else and used by Ortelius. Gotcha.

I still want to document as many of the town names as possible. And figuring out whats missing from the name because of a mark or a swoosh with the name - that's kicking me.

There are a couple of names that are just S. (other name). I suspect its short for Saint - or whatever Saint is in German. Sankt?

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