Time to start another onomastics article! (Because having a dozen in various states isn't enough?)


I just finished an onomastics article. Is it possible to put it up on the Walburgan page you're hosting for us? (PDF, size is 1.22 MB)

So glad we pack an electric kettle for tea when we travel by car. 😁

So, think we can get anyone to submit Crasie Catledy?


Hard deadline to finish proofing and editing an article for KWHSS. So what am I doing? Working on extracting names for a totally different article that will take months to a year to complete.

OTOH, I realized far later than I should have that the book had a place name index that explained most of the weird variants (such as Caineseam = Cainessam = Keynsham). I’d figured out a fair number already, but help with the few that were left was nice.

A girl needs to change it up sometimes, I guess.

Police formed a human chain to save the Crown of Thorns, Tunic of St. Louis, and other artworks.


Just a reminder that the submission deadline for KWHSS Proceedings is May 15.


Heh. Just found this in the MED.

(1269) in Reaney Dict.Br.Surnames153 : Richard Gotobedde.

Am I the only one who does defining instances for heraldic charges in April Fools items?

@liliedubh Has there been anything on FB about putting together an April Fools LoI for the East? (Since I'm not on FB and wouldn't know.)

So I posted this yesterday on G+.

If I won the lottery (which means I'd actually have to *play* the lottery), and wanted a place where I could host SCA practices and what not...


Needed some comfort food last night, so I made a big pot of harira. Om nom nom....

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