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@liliedubh Has there been anything on FB about putting together an April Fools LoI for the East? (Since I'm not on FB and wouldn't know.)

So I posted this yesterday on G+.

If I won the lottery (which means I'd actually have to *play* the lottery), and wanted a place where I could host SCA practices and what not...

Needed some comfort food last night, so I made a big pot of harira. Om nom nom....

Just ordered my first vinyl album in over 20 years. NPR did a segment on the Claypool Lennon Delirium’s new album (as in Les Claypool & Sean Lennon), and I had to order a copy. It is a Sgt Pepper-era Beatles/prog rock lover’s dream. So deeply weird and I love it.

Hmm. I can’t figure out my password. When I try to do a password reset, the link in the email just... logs me in. /boggle

I’m kind of afraid to try to change my password through the settings, as I still have no idea what it is.


Medievalists and Medieval-adjacent. Sort-of.