I brewed a stout, recently. When bottling some of it, I added some candied orange peel both for sugars and flavor. Sure enough, it did the carbonation job adequately, and the flavor's nice and mellow.

A second test batch has candied orange peel *and* cognac barrel chips. Not getting a lot of the cognac in this, but still orange. I'll have to add more chips to the bigger batch...

Warning: nerd words ahead.

Things I never thought I'd get to - or want to - do: install OpenSSH server natively on Windows.

Things I do _immediately_ after installing OpenSSH server on Windows?

Ansible the ever-loving daylights out of everything.

Trying to be better about reading here, let alone actually posting.

It's rough. The fragmentation of communities has caused pockets to form; FB is FB, but then there's a few who insist on Discord, Pluspora, MeWe, even DW...

This was my chosen G+ alternative, though, so...I need to be better, here.

I was going to say "This is an ugly puttanesca"...but, well, I don't know that it's supposed to be pretty. I don't know, I've never made one before.

I used riced cauliflower, because I'm specifically aiming for more veggies and fewer starches, but this can go on a lot of things. Eggs, pasta... I kind of want to see how it would go as a weird twist on a pizza burger, with either a turkey patty or even just a veggie burger or portabello. This *would* dress up any lackluster veggie burger. Hmmm.

While logging into PayPal to send a payment, I noticed this:


PayPal is giving a 0% interest loan up to $500 to federal employees. You don't have to prove you've been furloughed, so it looks like it's a quick turnaround, too.

$500 won't help bridge paychecks completely, but seeing a company do this is a help, and it's $500 that wasn't there before.

Not sure if this might help anyone, but I was impressed to see it, no matter what else I think of PayPal in general.

Toro - fatty tuna belly - is the pork centerloin of the sea.

I almost compared it to steak, but that's not quite right.

I almost forgot to add it to the order, too, which would've been worse.


Enjoying beer and sashimi lightly torched for dinner.

Not the toro, though. No flame on the toro.

I'm feeling the week melt away, here. It'd be better without the crowd, but then again: toro.

Trying to figure out context, here. Is this where medieval stuff goes, or just medievalists who may *do* medieval stuff? I'm trying to figure out how to do things and I'd already started two blogs - one medieval/SCA and one for everything else - and have started posting to each...but to then link to entries... What goes here? Do I need another non-medievalist.masto.host presence?

Main reason I'm asking - aside from compartmentalization - is I've considered spinning up a Frendica instance.

First brew of the year. Not medieval, but the equipment and practice are getting to where I will feel better about something first a medieval style beer on modern equipment and then medieval beer as medievally as I can.



Plans for more medieval cooking and medieval-adjacent activities (encouraging newcomers to the SCA) and more...

If you subscribe to a particular and very arbitrary measurement of time where today is meaningful: Happy New Year.

If you celebrate on another day, I'll hit you up on that date :)

Whatever the day is, though, here's to it being at least as good or better than those that have preceded it (especially the past 711 days). If you have anything to say about it, make each day better for yourself and, if you can manage, others. I'll ask them all to do the same for themselves and you :)

We're at Quotations...

The owner was surprised we'd not hit this Belgian tap takeover before... They've been doing it for 10 years.

We said we were usually traveling this time of year, hitting families; I mentioned that I missed their Lambicfest. They had peach, grape, apple and banana lambics as well as the usuals (kriek, cassis, etc.).

He asked when my birthday was.

... So now there may be a mini lambicfest in March.

Just saying. My birthday will be spent here, kicking kegs.

I am not a fan of all of the notifications. Not at all... And the system seems to be sending some many hours afterwards, seeming like a new response/etc. but being something relatively old and already read :/

Following the example of @AspiringLuddite - as I am wont to do - I am writing an :)

I am Michael Broggy or in the , Mael Eoin mac Echuid (maleOWN mac ECKid, which I've been pronouncing incorrectly for years, but then, so has everyone else, in different ways) ;)

Medieval-wise, I am fond of cooking, brewing and dancing, though I have only been doing the first in recent years. Less medievally but relatedly I enjoy building community and serving in a number of ways in the SCA.


Medievalists and Medieval-adjacent. Sort-of.