@Nusbacher @AspiringLuddite Thanks. The bezels were marked and centre punched for the three holes. Drilled, then hand cut with metal shears. Hand filed into the disc shape. I made a die and used a rounded punch to get the centre of the bezel to pout deeply enough to house the stone. Then a larger die and punch to get the final conical shape. I cut the quarter detailing with a small triangular needle file. Fixing the bezel with rivets holds the stone.The fleus de lys were a real time hog on this.

@AspiringLuddite you are very welcome. Also as a side note, you are a supremely patient bloke.

Welcome @Bruce and @Orlaith ! if so inclined, you might toot with an when you have a moment.

For food safety reasons, it is important to have multiple cuttings boards, but you don't want to overdo it. In my house, there are two flavours - raw meat and everything else. So if your cake tastes of garlic, now you know why.

I am Jahanara in the , residing in . I love fibre arts! My main fibre art is weaving. My persona is a 7th C Persian women. So I am currently focused on weaving Damask and Samite.

I am Yannick member of in the shire of within the principality of within the kingdom of . Fighter, Archer, sometime Fencer. Has been known to mooch around kitchens. Armourer, metalworker, leatherworker and oft-times maker of stuff. Hi :)

As I walked into this charity shop - wnda.org.uk/pages/what-we-do/n - the man said, 'Are you the fellow that was in last week and looked at the Terry Pratchett hardbacks.?'

'I am,' I replied.

'Look here,' he said, and as I did he went to see if there were any more in the back.

I'm starting to feel like I belong here;-)


Medievalists and Medieval-adjacent. Sort-of.